New Beginnings, Episode 3, Part 4

The Correspondent

People always talk about where they were when they first heard about The Correspondent. She came out of nowhere and tried to make a difference. Some saw her as a beacon of hope, others as a sign of how far down the slope we had come. I never paid attention to all of that. I was too busy. Too busy working to pay my bills, too busy trying to figure out life. I was seventeen when it started. I was The Correspondent. This is my story.

The cowl was the same white and blue as myold one, but it looked sleeker. Rather than a plain cue ball cowl, it was had sculpted features. Unable to wait I slipped it on, feeding my hair through the small opening in the back. I felt the familiar grip of the fitting discs as they synced with the ones from my old cowl. At least I didn’t have to go through that pain anymore.

There was a small hum as the internal electronics started up and then the HUD popped into being. Acme Hero, Inc. had done some design upgrades. The HUD was much smoother looking, and everything seemed to work faster. Small windows popped up, one showing that it was high jacking wifi from the school and the other syncing with my phone.

Soon it was installing the latest firmware and software update. One nice thing about the university was that its internet was a lot faster than what we had at home. The download process took no time at all and soon it was rebooting and installing the latest firmware. I noticed that my hands were shaking as I waited for the reboot.

Was I really going to go back into the hero world? Could I trust Acme Hero, Inc? I had thought a lot about whether they were trust worthy or not. On one hand Fate had used their equipment, but on the other Shelby only knew about the tech because of me. Maybe I should give them another chance. Otherwise I would be going into battle under equipped and that hadn’t turned out so well last time.

When the heads up display came back online I noticed that my search results had uploaded to the cowl. Which meant I didn’t have to log into it on my computer anymore. Granted Kate would still get suspicious if she saw me wearing The Correspondent Cowl, but it meant I could browse late at night when she was asleep without lighting up the whole room.

As excited as I was, I still needed to pack up for Thanksgiving. Since my motorcycle was my only means of getting home I was limited on what I could bring. I packed up a backpack with clothes for the week and put the cowl back in its box. Walking down to my parking spot I hoped that my bungee cords would be big enough for the box.

I shouldn’t have worried. The box wasn’t that big, and even my little crotch rocket had a small luggage rack. The ride back to Greeley was annoying. Everyone seemed to be headed that way for Thanksgiving and I was just one more crazy person on the road. Normally I would make bad choices and split the lane, but I didn’t want to get pulled over with a super hero mask in a box on the back of my bike.

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Dylan Reed has always been interested in a good story. Raised without a TV he spent a lot of time with books and loves reading. Dylan has been a professional entertainer, studied commercial diving, and loves random trivia. He brings all of this and more together in his stories.