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Golden Age, Episode 7, Part 4

The Correspondent

People always talk about where they were when they first heard about The Correspondent. She came out of nowhere and tried to make a difference. Some saw her as a beacon of hope, others as a sign of how far down the slope we had come. I never paid attention to all of that. I was too busy. Too busy working to pay my bills, too busy trying to figure out life. I was seventeen when it started. I was The Correspondent. This is my story.

As I watched the dots appear on the map I slowed to a stop. What was happening? Something bad was happening. I pulled up my contacts and dialed 911. My phone rang once and then played a busy signal. Crap.

It appeared that no good deed goes unpunished. Someone had noticed his henchmen getting caught and had decided to do something about it. Knowing that it was a trap didn’t make it better. I took a deep breath and headed into downtown.

Standing in the middle of the street, hands on hips, was a man who was about six foot tall, wearing black spandex and a purple cape. His head was covered in a silver mirrored helmet and he was surrounded by giants.

Each giant had a collar around its neck, pulsing muscles and pained expressions. My quick count put the odds at eight on one, which would be fine if they weren’t supercharged by the collars.


I couldn’t think of a way out of this. Calling the authorities didn’t work. If I left the area they would do whatever it was they were there to do and I would have no way of finding them again.

I parked the scooter, and got off. As I approached the I made sure my skirt was straight and that my baton was in its holster. The hulks tensed as I approached and I stopped about ten feet away from the man in black.

My stomach dropped as the helmet turned towards me. I could see my reflection in his helmet, looking more confident than I felt.

“Ah, The Correspondent,” the man said, his voice disguised to sound robotic, “What brings you out on such a cold night?”

“Crime,” I said, feeling pretty bad ass.

“Interesting,” he said, stroking where his chin would be and looking pretty dumb.

Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. This guy seemed to be d-list at best. Sure he had some tech that made his henchmen terrifying but I bet he was all talk. Keeping my eye on the hulks I motioned him over.

“Why don’t we talk this over,” I said, “We could grab a coffee and figure out how to make all of this stop.”

I think that tactic shocked him. He stood there, thinking. While he was thinking I looked around. I saw two normal looking henchmen sitting on crotch rockets and a third motorcycle for the man in black.

“I don’t think that will work,” the man said, drawing my attention back to him.

“I didn’t think so,” I said, sprinting back to my scooter.

Jumping on, I started the engine and sped away. I could hear the crotch rockets firing up and watched the man in black sprint to his bike. Hopefully leading them away would stop whatever crimes they were about to commit.

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Dylan Reed has always been interested in a good story. Raised without a TV he spent a lot of time with books and loves reading. Dylan has been a professional entertainer, studied commercial diving, and loves random trivia. He brings all of this and more together in his stories.